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Avid thrifter and vintage clothes wearer. Love 1960s and early 1970s styles. Partial to Art Nouveau, Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian, Renaissance and Medieval art. Former art historian. Current packrat. On a continual quest for good-looking, comfortable vegan shoes. Bhangra dancer since 2002. Fascinated by all things Indian. Vegan and animal advocate. 

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"She was dressed, as usual, in an odd assortment of clothes, most of which had belonged to other people." 

Excellent Women by Barbara Pym (1913-1980)



“I said "Somebody should do something about that." Then I realized I am somebody.”

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And death for no reason is murder

Just ten minutes after arriving at the incredibly crowded 18th Annual Boston Vegetarian Society Food Festival, a young woman came up to me and said, “You're wearing the best outfit of anyone here.” Why, thank you! (Unless vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious are really bad dressers -- which I don't believe).

Custo Barcelona shirt, thrifted, Goodwill. Tie-dyed velour skirt made in Nepal, Camden Stables Market, London. Boots by Vegetarian Shoes, Brighton, UK. Assortment of Indian and beaded necklaces. Bangles purchased in India. Mexican embroidered bag purchased at the Cultural Survival Bazaar. The Food Festival is a 2-day event with over 120 exhibitors (food, products, and organizations) and lots of great talks and cooking demonstrations. There was the usual food sampling. So at one table you're tasting artisanal chocolate, at the next pesto kale chips, then Ethiopian food, then dried gooseberries... and so on. My friend and I know to bring water to have a swig between tastings or risk some unpleasant combinations.

When we arrived we made a beeline for the Vegan Treats table. There was already a long line to purchase the most decadent pastries, donuts, and cookies I've ever seen.

This is a Vegan Treats spread from a different event, as the photos on my phone didn't come out. The bakery is located in Pennsylvania, so it is quite a treat to have them come to Boston.

I bought a coconut cream doughnut, raspberry-cheese danish, cannoli, Boston cream donut and a sticky bun. All vegan, all out-of-this world. All for me.

There were plenty of cruelty-free products at the Festival. I really like the belts, bags and jewelry at Michelle Leon Designs.

I grabbed photos of my favorite pieces off their website. Not on their website is this great bag in a suede-like fabric made from plastic bottles with a hand-cast monkey closure.

I was also admiring the wares of Herbivore Clothing, including this 'good luck elephant' design on a hemp and organic cotton t-shirt.

Alas, my friend and I left with just our weighty boxes of pastries and a few free samples and coupons. Good thing the tie-dyed purple and red skirt I was wearing has an elastic waist!

I recently saw the film "Morrissey 25 Live", (you can watch a trailer here) a concert film shot earlier this year. I was somewhat surprised to see how gracious Morrissey was with his fans and was reminded of how powerful his performance of 'Meat is Murder' is. 


Why I haven't updated this site in the past 2 months

I haven't done a darn thing with this website in the past 2 months because I have moved from Cambridge, Mass, to Washington, D.C. to take a job with the largest animal protection organization in the U.S.

Having lived in Cambridge for close to 25 years, the move has been a major event that took months of purging, packing and planning. Hopefully, when I am settled here (it's been less than a week--but I've already made scones), I'll put more products on the site and post new entries.

While I'll miss attending the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, doing bhangra, sitting and reading in the window at the 1369 Coffeehouse, and all the other wonderful things Boston/Cambridge has to offer, I'm looking forward to exploring D.C. And most of all, spending my days working to help animals.


Year of the Dog

yearofthedog2.jpgI got a free pass to see an advance screening of the film Year of the Dog yesterday (thanks, Boston Vegetarian Society).

Mike White, the writer/director, took questions after the screening. He said that the story was loosely autobiographical, that his life was drastically altered after a cat, who he had found and adopted, died in his arms on Christmas Day.

In the fillm, Molly Shannon plays Peggy, a 40-ish secretary whose dog, Pencil, dies. She is devastated, but no one around her seems to grasp how much losing Pencil has affected her. Finding humans "disappointing," she becomes an ardent animal advocate and activist.

I don't know if people who aren't already animal lovers will see this film, so it is hard to say if it will have any pro-animal influence. However, because the films deals with pet overpopulation, animal rescue, laboratory testing on animals, and factory farming, it is sure to create some awareness. The film has already done some good for animals: White said that some scenes were filmed in an actual animal shelter and, by the end of the day, many of the dogs were adopted by members of the film crew.

Photos: Peggy and Pencil