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Snapshot of '75

Here in the Boston area, we’ve had so much snow lately (over 5 feet this winter), we now have our own Yeti (and he’s vegan!).

That's not the Yeti, just a poor soul digging their car out. The snowbanks are reaching about 7 feet.Being snowed in, I’ve had time to sort through lots of old papers and ephemera (no, I’m not an old newspaper kind of hoarder, just a vintage clothing hoarder). I came across a section of the May 27, 1975 issue of the weekly alternative newspaper The Boston Phoenix, given to me by a friend living in Boston in that decade (I was still in high school in 1975).

Here’s a select snapshot of 1975.

My T-Shirt, Harvard Square, CambridgeGraphic/cartoon t-shirts.

The Cambridge Shop, Harvard Square, CambridgeChris Craft sneakers (which I don’t remember), Jacques Cohen espadrilles and Danskin leotards (which I did wear).

Waterbeds (I had one in college)

Pennsylvania Co., Commonwealth Ave. Boston and The Garage, Harvard Square, CambridgeUsed jeans, corduroys and cut-offs

Sam’s Book Store, 726 Commonwealth Ave. BostonCartoon-type ads by underground/college newspaper comix artist Bruce Walthers

Kalsø Earth Shoes, locations throughout MassachusettsIn high school, I made a pilgrimage to the Amherst location to buy Earth shoes and boots.

Atlantis Sound, Harvard Square, Cambridge and other locationsStereo equipment. I used left-over college scholarship funds to buy my first stereo system – tuner, speakers (both which I had for decades) and turntable (which I am using as I write this). It was a big deal, going into a special sound room to compare different components and spending about 5-6 times what I was paying in monthly rent for my shared apartment.

’75 New England Blues Festival That’s quite a line up!

Feminist calendar

Article on a new publication, Communes, Law and Commonsense: A Legal Handbook for Communities, by Lee Goldstein. “The purpose of this book is to raise people’s consciousness, to make them aware of their neighbors and neighborhoods. You just can’t go out and start a commune. You have to be politically aware of what that decision involves. It’s clear that communes are seen as a political threat, but to what extent can the state enforce the nuclear family?”

This not-very-flattering (my right hand is in my pocket, hence the weird bulge) photo was taken at my high school “Kid Party”--a costume party where many people dressed up as "kids"--hence the pigtails and painted-on freckles). Although taken two years later than the ads above, you can see the graphic t-shirt (it was hot pink wiht a black heart), scuffed-up Earth shoes and cut-off shorts, all of which I’d had since 1975 or earlier.

Do any of these ads bring back memories for you?

I love the hand-drawn quality of ads in local papers in the 1970s and even have a scrapbook somewhere of some ads I saved. Will post when I find it.

Reader Comments (5)

I laughed about the vegan Yeti. Your snow is very impressive. If it's going to snow, it should be a REAL snow, more often than not it's slush here. I'm glad you're managing.
Oh yes, earth shoes! I remember them well and coveted them although never had a pair. My friends would let me try theirs on to walk around for a while. Your pair is much nicer than the plain lace-ups which were popular in my school. Thanks for the '70s flashback, although some of these things wouldn't be out of place today. I love your high school photo! Dressed up like "kids." Heh.

February 10, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMelanie

Although I was on the West Coast while you were on the East, I'm sure that I could find almost identical ads from Santa Cruz and Bay Area newspapers! Earth shoes...they still exist, I think, but today's versions are not quite so extreme. Who had that idea?

February 11, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterLynn Mally

That photo of you is so cute!
I well remember the cartoon style ads of the 70s, they take me right back... xxx

February 11, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterCurtise

You were such a babe and instantly recognisable, too, you've barely changed!
Love the old ads. An old boss used to have a water bed in a property he rented out. I used to volunteer to show prospective tenants around just so i could roll about on it for a few minute, such a weird sensation.
Hope that snow goes soon, it makes me shiver just looking at it. x

February 13, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterVix

This really brings back memories. Like you, I was in high school in 1975 (the year I graduated) and I remember all these products. Although I grew up on Long Island (NY), I lived in Boston for three years when I went to law school (BU). That was 1979-1982. Love that city. Go back every few years to have fun and root for the Red Sox.

December 22, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterShybiker

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